Reunite Danvers SubCommittees

In order for Reunite Danvers to be successful in carrying out its mission it is crucial to develop strong sub-committees. These committees will be the foundation of our group’s efforts.

Precinct Captains

The role of Precinct Captain is to act as the focal point for constituents in the precinct. Precinct Captains will coordinate and facilitate precinct activities (solicitation of Town Meeting Member candidates, flier drives, coffee events).

The Media Coordination Team will supply the Captains with fliers for drives.

The Captains will also follow a communication plan between their teams, Reunite Danvers officers and the Media Coordinators.

Communications Team

The role of spokes person is to act as liaison for Reunite Danvers

and to ensure information is communicated to the media in a timely and accurate manner. The team will coordinate a Letter writing campaign, write press releases and conduct media interviews.

The role of this committee is to design a bumper sticker, button, signage, fliers, palm card, and any other printed media. They will work with the Communications Chair to proof all materials prior to going to print. The committee will develop and maintain the graphic standards of Reunite Danvers.

The role of this committee is to coordinate and assist in the dissemination

of information on key events, and meetings through various media (cable, newspapers, web site, flier postings and flier drives) The team will supply the Precinct Captain network with fliers to cover all neighborhoods. The committee will ensure a consistent, accurate and timely flow of information while maintaining the graphic standards of Reunite Danvers.

The role of this committee is to research different issues in the town that need to be openly shared with the community at large. Appropriate documentation needs to be obtained to back-up any information Reunite Danvers shares.

To coordinate the efforts of a team to ensure participation at town events, meetings, sporting events, parades, civic events and other forums. The team will develop a plan of coverage, and build a volunteer base utilizing the Precinct Captain network.

Fund Raising Coordinator – Team

The role of this committee is to solicit funds from individuals, organizations, and businesses for the purpose of funding Reunite Danvers events and materials. The fund Raising Team will work with the Treasurer to insure accurate and timely reporting of receipts.

Business Coordinator – Team

The role of this committee is to act as the liaison to the business community. Ensure timely and accurate communication of information to the business community. Develop a strong presence of Reunite Danvers at business community events. Communicate any concerns or questions from the business community back to the officers.