Welcome to Danvers Town Election 2003!

As a citizens Awareness group, Reunite Danvers would like to present information on the upcoming election. You can find further details by following these links. We try and be as accurate as possible when posting data, but if you have any questions, the Town Clerk can provide the most accurate election information.

Election 2003 Overview

Street / Precinct List

Town Wide Candidates
Precinct 1 Candidates
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Citizens Invitation to our Third Annual Meet-the-Candidate Night
Candidates Invitation to our Third Annual Meet-the-Candidate Night

Candidates! Enter your biographical information here!

Please note: Reunite Danvers does not endorse any candidate, nor does the group take positions on town-related projects and warrant articles. Further, posting information on our web pages in no manner infers the author is a member of Reunite Danvers. We are providing a forum for information exchange. Reunite Danvers is open to anyone who wishes to join our group or attend our meetings. The information posted in the candidate biographies and on our comment pages reflect those of the author only. Reunite Danvers has a spokesperson, and only he can speak to the official positions of the group.